1. Autumn Song
  2. The Sojourner
  3. Birds & Beasts
  4. Lodestar
  5. The Bard
  6. Mind the Gap
  7. Devil You Know
  8. The Outlaw
  9. Heart of the Wood
  10. Weather Vane

Jipsy’s music is truly atmospheric. The songs written by Sarah Ann Boughton (vocals and violin) and Gavin Beale (guitar and vocals) draw you into different worlds by combining haunting folk melodies, jazz colourings, shades of trip-hop and dub elements. The music is subtly arranged, with structures that take you on a journey, immersing you in an organically generated electronically effected soundscape. All held together by a great rhythm section (Lydia Glanville, drums and percussion, Devid Dell’Alera bass) and produced by the very talented James Earp, the result is a unique work which will grow on you more with each listen.

This video has been produced for Heart of the Wood, the first release from  Jipsy’s debut album Lodestar  . It is a unique piece of animation created and produced by talented animator, Sundeep Toor. The storyboard was created by Sundeep together with Sarah Ann Boughton and Gavin Beale from the band.

Autumn Song // Lodestar
  1. Autumn Song // Lodestar
  2. The Sojourner // Lodestar
  3. Birds & Beasts // Lodestar
  4. Lodestar // Lodestar
  5. The Bard // Lodestar
  6. Mind the Gap // Lodestar
  7. Devil You Know // Lodestar
  8. The Outlaw // Lodestar
  9. Heart of the Wood // Lodestar
  10. Weather Vane // Lodestar